Lunch Time After Party
Today was the preschool's prade. Children had a great time so we rewarded them with a nice lunch time. :)
Children At The Playground
Break time! Children playing in the playground. They all having fun together and enjoying the school ground. (:
Culture Day
Preschoolers at Culture day at the University of Belize gym. It was a wonderful day for our preschoolers as they presented many cultures from Belize.



The University of Belize Preschool has well trained professionals that will help your child start bright on his educational future.

Children Loving

Children Loving

Our experts here at The University of Belize Preschool love children and have experiance in keep your children happy in a safe and fun environment.

Safety Comes First

safty comes first

We can assure that your children will be safe. We have 24/7 security guards at the school ground to make sure your children is safe and out of any danger.

School Events


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A Little About Us

kids at the playground

The center is just a stone's throw away from the central campus of the university, located on Price Center Road next to the George Price Center in Belmopan. It is situated in a serene and highly secured area. There is much space for the children to utilize. The kitchen, bedroom, classrooms, picnic area and playground are all high traffic areas for the children as they frolic and play; never forgetting that there is also work to be done.

The goal of the center is to provide children with authentic activities that will stimulate their learning in an enjoyable manner. Learning takes place in an interactive and meaningful way that is, developing children holistically.

The center has solidified its status as a well- rounded and highly stimulating institution for the development of children. With great expectations from parents, the community at large and with the assistance of its dedicated professionals, the school promises to cater to the multiple and unique needs of young children using innovative pedagogy and resources.

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